Summer Invitational III: Textiles September 4-6th, 2021

White Rock Center for Sculptural Arts

A backyard art space in the Hudson Valley run by artists Courtney Puckett and Colin O'Con

Summer Invitational III: Textiles September 4-6th, 2021

In conjunction with New York Textile Month,

Opening reception

Saturday September 4, 3-6pm

Additional viewing days/times

Sunday Septmber 5, 11-5pm
Monday September 6, 11-5pm

Virtual Panel Discussion
Thursday September 30, 7:30pm

This year, White Rock Center for Art’s thematic Summer Invitational III: Textiles invites artists to mount a temporary outdoor installation that considers textile’s relationship to natural elements; wind, water, light, earth, space, and perception. The included artists examine textiles in various and expansive ways as subject/material and as content/form.

"Early nomadic peoples learned to make cloth as a portable and pliable shelter when clay, stone, snow, and twigs proved an inconsistent and unreliable natural resource for protection. Cloth has served as protection for the body, as adornment, as a symbol of power. Cloth brings technology, aesthetics, culture, history. For hundreds of years, visual artists have used cloth on and off supports for painting and as sculptural material in both intimate and monumental scale. Mildred Constantine and Laurel Reuter, in their introduction to the book “Whole Cloth”, quote John Ruskin; “wool of sheep, thread of flax, bark of tree- there exists no matrix. It can be shaped beyond the boundaries of origin. It shifts from the potential to an actuality that has a myriad of shapes and a myriad of ways of moving, responding to the action of the individual who manipulates it. It possesses the mysterious sense of unaccountable life in things themselves.”
- Constantine, Mildred, Laurel Reuter. Whole Cloth. New York: Monacelli Press, 1997.


Michelle Batho

Natalie Baxter

Damien Davis

Ragna Froda

Shanti Grumbine

Rachel Hayes

Rita MacDonald

Amanda C. Mathis

Kimberly Reinhardt

Janis Stemmermann

Sarah Cameron Sunde

Rachel Mica Weiss