June 2022 • SSB Away Residency 

Some Serious Business is pleased to announce a collaborative SSB Away residency with yoga therapist Deborah Wolk and artist Kimberly Reinhardt. A yoga specialist for musculoskeletal, hormonal, and nervous system imbalances, Wolk also teaches and studies anatomy. She has been recognized for her work with scoliosis and founded a yoga center that is a workers cooperative specifically geared towards therapeutics. Reinahrdt has a broad range of interests including the links between healing and sustainability. This has led her to practices and areas of study including yoga, anatomy, kinesiology, composting, and urban gardening and farming.

In the process of collaborating on a book on yoga, scoliosis, and the nervous system, Wolk and Reinhardt realized that the therapeutic issues of her students related strongly to a disconnect with the body—but also with the earth.

“Through daily walks in the desert, Kim will paint, and I will write about the relationships we see and sense between the structures and functions of the human nervous system and our relationship to the energetic systems of the beings and matter that make up our environment,” says Wolk.

Through this collaboration, they intend to create an artist’s book with a visual and poetic narrative that knits together the structures of our nervous system as mapped out via literal dissection, with a felt sense of the landscapes and world around us. For a deeper vision about how each of them navigates their personal and artistic lives, we asked them to answer a few of our #FiftyQuestions. Click here to read the full article.